Vladimir Horowitz

An amazing gift...an amazing humility...an amazing person. This describes the man who inspired me as a teenager to pursue the works of Sergei Rachmaninoff. But the inspiration only came from what I could find of him in books and sheet music long before the technology revolution occurred to give us immediate access to whatever our hearts desire.

Today, I went on youtube and discovered a documentary about him. Any and every serious piano player should invest his or her time in watching this video. Not to become a classical piano virtuoso, but to see what a 'great' encompasses, even in his senior years. He is a master with technique, rhapsody, lyrical interpretation, and absolute dominance over the instrument. He is sure to change how you view your instrument throughout the rest of your journey. I can guarantee it!

Never A Dull Moment

Back in 2004 I taught at University of the Arts in Philly as a senior lecturer in jazz piano.  It was a time I really enjoyed because I got to teach under one of the greatest music genuises I had met to date, Don Glanden.  Don and I had a special relationship because he was my first collegiate study professor in piano at Temple University.  I spent a few semesters under his carefully guided instruction, which I quickly assumed as a foundation for who I have now become.  

One of the major tenets of his instruction was analyzation.  He taught me to look at music with a very in-depth eye and to never overlook the details of a performance.  It is with this perspective that allows you enjoy and explore the beauty that lies with composition to further develop your own voice.

With this is mind, here is a video of Don Glanden's analyzation of "500 Miles High" by Chick Corea.  Don shows you his mastery of communication in music in this video and how Chick's solo never has a dull moment!

Great Music

One of the greatest composers to live is Sergei Rachmaninov.  This Russian-born phenom should be examined by any serious piano player who considers himself to be a musical athlete.  I have been in love the Rachmaninov library since I was 14 and continue to discover new musical concepts within his music.  

One of the Rach's personal friends and another great piano player was Vladimir Horowitz.  Horowitz's expression on the instrument is equally matchless as he has a mastered technique to deliver the rhapsody with emotion only found in a true master.  Take a moment and listen to Horowitz's performance of the Rach 3 Piano Concerto in D Minor.