Never A Dull Moment

Back in 2004 I taught at University of the Arts in Philly as a senior lecturer in jazz piano.  It was a time I really enjoyed because I got to teach under one of the greatest music genuises I had met to date, Don Glanden.  Don and I had a special relationship because he was my first collegiate study professor in piano at Temple University.  I spent a few semesters under his carefully guided instruction, which I quickly assumed as a foundation for who I have now become.  

One of the major tenets of his instruction was analyzation.  He taught me to look at music with a very in-depth eye and to never overlook the details of a performance.  It is with this perspective that allows you enjoy and explore the beauty that lies with composition to further develop your own voice.

With this is mind, here is a video of Don Glanden's analyzation of "500 Miles High" by Chick Corea.  Don shows you his mastery of communication in music in this video and how Chick's solo never has a dull moment!

Jamar Jones